The Quran Convinced Me…

If you were to examine my repertoire of videos available on my channel, you will notice that I am no stranger to criticizing Islam, something, I might add, that most content creators tend to shy away from. The first thing that alarmed me about your comment was that you highlighted the fact that you “understand […]

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Is Atheism the New Norm?

Coming off of a 3 year hiatus due to a number of factors that I have kept relatively silent about, I found it somewhat difficult to to return to my Youtube channel and create content. Despite atheism once being a fringe minority, I have found myself in an echo chamber of family, friends, and coworkers […]

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Top Ten Public School State/Church Violations

1) PRAYER AT SCHOOL EVENTS School events, including graduations, may not include prayer. For more than 50 years, the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently struck down prayer in public schools. School staff, including coaches, may not organize, endorse, promote, or participate in prayers with students. Teachers and coaches may not lead prayers or deputize students […]

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The Problem of Hell

It is often touted by believers that if you do not believe in their specific version of Abrahamic deity, then you will perish forever in unending agony for your suspension of belief. Something I’ve often wondered, especially as a child, is how would an all-loving, omnipotent god be able to exist at the same time […]

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Islam: Morally Abhorrent, Senselessly Regressive

Recently, I posted an islamophobic meme in which I said that it is morally abhorrent and senselessly regressive to think that it is normal to idolize and emulate the seventh-century barbarian known as the Prophet Muhammad. It was to be expected that the Muslim apologists would come in droves in defense of the greatest man who ever lived and […]

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