The Most Stupid Religious Comments #1 (part 1)

The first stupid comment we addressed was from a theist going by the name of George Cherry, who wants us to prove that god does not exist. Despite this archaic argument, we took the time to pop his cherry.

The second stupid comment we addressed came from a commenter by the name of elkeism, who seems to think that the Hebrews being slaves in Egypt are proof of god… except that there is no proof that there were ever Hebrew slaves in Egypt.

The third stupid comment that we addressed concerned abiogenesis and how this commenter believes that the process is actually theology, not science.

The fourth stupid comment that we addressed came from Samantha who wants to know who atheists who were Christians before had a relationship with if god does not exist.

This is part one of a two part video of the most stupid religious comments that we didn’t have to look that hard to find. You can find part two here on the Godless Engineer’s channel.

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